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Architectural Communication Grounds Pool Social Nominating
HOA committees serve to keep our neighborhood rejuvenated and connected.  Your neighborhood needs you.  If you would like to participate on or communnicate with a committee, please visit our Contact Us webpage.
The Architectural Committee meets as needed, typically via e-mail and reviews all Architectural requests from the homeowners within seven business days of receipt.  Every lot in Cotswold is subject to "Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions" that govern, among other things, how you can make changes or improvements to your property. These Covenants require that a homeowner seek approval for most exterior changes such as additions, covered porches, major landscaping, etc. The HOA has published a set of Architectural Guidelines for use when planning a project. Please refer to the guidelines for more specific instructions regarding the request and approval process.
Become part of the Cotswold Landscaping Team!  The Cotswold Landscaping Team is seeking more members.  We're responsible for promoting neighborhood landscaping unity and creating an appealing area for residents of Cotswold. 
BECOME PART OF THE Cotswold Pool Committee!
The Cotswold Pool Committee is seeking more members. We're responsible for promoting pool and pool activities.
The Social Committee promotes activities in the neighborhood for the kids, the adults (even the adults who act like kids!), and the whole family to enjoy! These activities can include pool and block parties, holiday activities, adult socials, outdoor movies, sporting events, and anything else you can think of.
New ideas for activities are always welcome!
Are you a people-friendly, outgoing individual who likes to organize parties and special events? Do you enjoy spending quality time with your neighbors and making new friends? If so, the Social Committee is for you! If you are interested in being a member of our Social Committee, please visit our Contact Us webpage.
Nominating Committee
Contact the Nominating Committee through our Contact Us webpage.
PLEASE, GET INVOLVED in your neighborhood and contact one of the committee members.


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