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  Pool Information  
Pool open May through September
Pool hours are 9am-9pm
Cotswold Neighborhood Pool Rules
  1. Pool hours are 9am-9pm
  2. Pool gate is to be closed at all times. After entering, please ensure that gate closes properly behind you.
  3. No lifeguard is on duty at this pool.  Usersof this pool do so at their own risk. Costwold will not be responsible for any accidents or injury in or around the pool.  Use of the pool indicates acceptance of these conditions.
  4. No glass of any kind is allowed inside the pool gates. If broken glass is found in the pool, the pool must be closed,drained, cleaned and refilled.If a homeowner violates this rule, he/she will be assessed the cost to drain, clean, and refill the pool.  These costs will be chargedto the homeowner responsible.
  5. Trash and refuse must be placed in the properreceptacles.  No Trash or debris is to be thrown in the pool.
  6. All children who are not toilet trained must wear Swim Diapers (these are specially designed for use in the pool). Rubber pants must be worn over Swim Diapers. No regular diapers are allowed in the pool.
  7. All individuals entering the pool for swimming purposes must wear authentic swim suits. Authentic swimwear is clothing intended and manufactured for swimming or bathing in a pool.
  8. All eating, drinking, and smoking must be done on the pool deck area. These activities may not be done either in the pool or within three feet of the pool edge.
  9. Running, shoving, hourseplay, profanity, offensive, or potentially dangerous behaviors are not permitted in the pool area.
  10. The State of North Carolina Stresses that childrenunder 14 years of age should be accompanied by an Adult, and that adults should not swim alone.  For this reason Cotswoldrequires that children underage 14 be accompanied by an adult (defined as some one who is 18 years old or older and is the parent or legal guardian, a relative, or baby-sitter). Unsupervised children will be required to leave the pool area.
  11. Persons with open wounds, sores, skin infections, or wearing bandages are not permitted in the pool.
  12. Persons with communicable disease are not allowed in the pool.
  13. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are allowed in the pool. 
  14. Roller blades, skateboards, and bicycles are not allowed inside the pool gate.
  15. No diving.
  16. Only battery-operatedradios, CD players, etc may be used at the side of the pool.  They must be played at a reasonably soft level so as not to disturb othersin the pool area.  Please be considerate. 
  17. No one may tamper with or remove any pool equipment or furniture.
  18. No animals or pets are allowed inside the pool gate.
  19. The maximum number of guests is 2 per household. Residents of Cotswold must remain with their guests at the pool.
  20. Personal belongings must be taken home at the end of each day. The pool committee reserves the right to dispose of items left unattended.
  21. Violations of these rules may result in loss of privileges to use this facility for up to twelve months by order of the Board of Directors.
  22. One key will be issued per household for a $10 deposit.  Keys are non-duplicating (individuals cannot have copies made).  Replacement keys are $25 each (of which $10 is refundable deposit)
Discipline policy:
First infraction: Verbal warning or letter of reprimand.
Second infraction: The individual(s) will be evicted from the pool for the remainder of the day. Parents will be notified in writing if a minor is involved.
Third infraction: One-week suspension from pool.
Fourth infraction: Pool privileges revoked for the remainder of the pool season.
*A homeowner may be held liable and assessed the costs of pool drainage and refilling (about $1900) for any pollution of water in the pool (such as broken glass, food, etc.).


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